I want to transform my Life, I want high quality private coaching that works

Q:I’m worried about training in a group environment, what if I’m not fit enough and can’t manage?

A: This is perfectly normal to have these concerns, however everyone in the program has the same goal which means everyone is in the same boat. We have a very supportive community atmosphere here. All sessions and exercises you are able to adjust to your needs so if you need to take things easy at the start you are able to regress or progress as we go.

Q:How many people are allowed to join the gym?

A: We have a cap at 36 members, this allows us to deliver the high-end and high quality support and coaching that we pride ourselves on.

Q:Will you be able to help me with my diet?

A: YES! our head of nutrition will be on hand to assist you and coach you when ever you need it, we also provide you with a full nutritional breakdown we tell you how many calories to eat, how to structure your diet and provide you with monthly recipe packs with 30 brand new recipes a month.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We have a range of different options on offer, we prefer you to book in a consultation so we get to chat to you face to face, this way we are fully able to prescribe exactly what you need.

Q: Do I have to do every session every week?

A: No you don’t, its entirely up to you how many times you want to train. Obviously you have up to 4 sessions a week which you can use but you do  not have to use them all every week. We suggest you aim for 2 to start with and then build into them as you go. Sessions are not transferable.

Q: How many people are allowed in a session at any time?

A: There is a max of 6 people per group at any time.

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