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What is Ambition HQ?

Hi there, my name is Trev and along with my brother Gav we run Ambition HQ in the heart of Stone, Staffordshire. The chances are if you are here right now its because you are a high performing individual who wants to get the most of out life and level up in every aspect of life including your health and fitness.

We are a fully private and non-commercial bespoke group personal training studio who specialise in helping you lose weight, gain back confidence and dominate life again. Ambition was started for those of you out there who feel trapped and have tried everything you can to lose weight, as well as those who find it tough to step in to commercial busy gyms, struggle with accountability, diet and mindset and need bespoke support in an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal. All our members are here to lose body fat, get lean and get bullet proof results in a community like no other. So we can assure you that if your goal is to lose weight, get lean and dominate life then Ambition is your new gym.

All of our programs come as standard with bespoke workout plans, nutrition advice and coaching, monthly recipe books, 24/7 coach support, exclusive use of our state of the art FIT 3D scanner and access to the Ambition community to name but a few. The truth is once you join us here at Ambition you’ll be provided with what ever you need to thrive, we’ll take care of it all! We don’t take on any egos, big timers or people who are just looking to waste time and in fact all of our programs are application only with a membership cap so that we are 100% certain that we create the perfect training environment and community within the gym for you. Every single person who walks through the doors at Ambition is here to firstly achieve something that they never thought possible and secondly has a responsibility to encourage, help and motivate the people around them as part of the Ambition family.

We are Staffordshire’s premier private small group personal training weight loss studio. When you join us here at Ambition we provide you with everything you’ll ever need to create sustainable life changing results, not just a quick fix.

If you are interested in joining the Ambition family you can book a FREE consultation now by hitting the JOIN NOW button below, from there we will personally be in touch with you.

Thanks for your time and we can not wait to meet you.

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Trev & Gav

Ambition Private Studio
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What Happens Next?

Step 1

Fill out the application form to apply to be coached at Ambition

Step 2

You’ll be redirected to a calendar page, here you will be able to book a free 15 min consultation with me so that we are able to find out whether or not coaching at Ambition can help you or not.

Step 3

At the consultation we will assess whether or not this is the right option for you, If I feel that you are the right fit you will get offered a spot in the Ambition community and be able to receive coaching. If not I will do my best to refer you to someone who can help.

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Real World Results

“Professional to the core.. he knows his stuff.. he pushes you and pushes you but you walk out feeling good about yourself!! He follows you and what you do and what you eat!! He never judges you.. awesome guy!!!”

“The training at athlete fitness sports performance is awesome. Trevor’s knowledge won’t be found anywhere else with unique training programmes to suit the individual. I will 100% recommend this guy”

“Highly recommend Trev for everyone and anyone. However fit or unfit you are he knows his stuff and will get you to where you want to be. He’s always positive, full of motivation and pushes you further than you thought you could go. He understands when you have a bad week and is always full of encouragement to get you back on track. I couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer!”

“High quality detailed sessions! Experienced, friendly, realistic, motivating & knowledgeable coach! Venue is great to shut off & zone in on your training especially if your from the city. You get to enjoy the peace & quiet of the tean country side!”

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